About Us

Kia ora keto whanau, Welcome to Crafty Keto!

I'm Heather, a married mum of 4, from Invercargill. I'm a primary school teacher, I love baking, and I love crafts! (hence the name). But also 'crafty' as in working out a beautiful ratio of ingredients to make delicious bread that you wouldn't even know is keto!

I've been a low carb fan for over 7 years, as it really helps with inflammation, and keeps my blood sugars stable.

Crafty Keto came about because in the early keto days there was a lack of decent low carb bread available in supermarkets or online, so I started experimenting with ingredients and was pretty happy with the results. I use vital wheat gluten to make my bread low carb. Vital wheat gluten is just the dried and powdered protein from the wheat after the starch has been washed out, so it's very low carb. However if you have a wheat/oat/gluten sensitivity or allergy then my bread probably isn't best for you sorry. 

But... I do have a Gluten Free bread-mix available, it's not as spongy and 'bready' as the real thing of course, but in my opinion it beats the store bought bread out there! I also make other gluten free products - 'Noatmeal (no oat oatmeal), pikelet mix and muffin mix. There are dairy free options too.

I work from my home kitchen, which is registered with the Invercargill City Council.

I'll also add a few links below for a bit of extra keto info in case you have some questions about it.

Please also check my FAQs page but if there's something you want to ask me and it's not there, just send me a message!

Nga mihi nui x







There are many great articles and websites educating people about the health benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle, for weightloss and fighting disease. One thing I often see is people saying 'that's not keto' about certain foods. Food is not either keto or non-keto. Eating food that is low enough in carbohydrates will help your body go into a state of ketosis, where you burn fat for fuel. So it doesn't matter if you eat a carrot. If your carb count stays low enough you'll stay in ketosis. Simple as that. However if you want to be in ketosis because your goal is to reduce inflammation then there will be certain foods you may want to avoid. These may differ for each person.   Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

A good place to find more Keto info is Healthline. You'll find a sample menu for the week, and much more helpful information.

Here's an interesting read about the long list of benefits of ketosis, including this great snippet about heart disease!



For some people Intermittent Fasting is an important part of a ketogenic lifestyle. There is a lot of information out there about the science behind fasting and how to do it... Ruled.me is a great site to go to for all your keto info and they have a good page about fasting.


Bone Broth

It's cheap and easy to make, and full of all sorts of healing properties. It boosts immunity, alleviates cold and flu symptoms, is filling, contains gelatin, collagen, and many other nutrients, great for gut health, anti-inflammatory, the list goes on! Read DrAxe's page about the benefits... 

'Gelatin also provides us with building blocks that are needed to form and maintain strong bones, helping take pressure off of aging joints and supporting heathy bone mineral density.'